Lips Like Sugar

It’s October, nearly Halloween, the time when dark shadows seem to fill the world and the first breeze of winter frost threatens us. It’s the time when we want to stay indoors, curl up with something warm and indulge in strong colours and enticing scents. It’s the time when everyday luxuries become necessities of life, the small pampering moments turn into a lifeline toward spring.

It’s also the time when those who live Halloween every day of their lives get to enjoy and flourish their oranges and greens, purples and blacks without standing out. It’s the time when the rest of the world catches up with us for a few strange days.

This year it’s also the time when Beautiful Freak Cosmetics opens its doors on the side of the screen where makeup is more than a visual sensation, it’s a tangible pleasure in its own right. For that very reason our first products are gothic lip scrubs, designed to make your lips soft while offering you an indulgent moment of scents and tastes that gets you in the right mindset to embrace the dark season, whether it be just the autumn, or all around the year!

There are five different flavors that we offer all year round, and a seasonal exclusive just for Halloween! The regular ones are Coffee, Sex and Cigarettes, Sugar & Spice, Bitter for Sweet, Pink Orange Red and SubLIME Ravings. The seasonal exclusive is called Skelotim, which is honey-vanilla to celebrate the season of candy corn.

The lip scrubs are all vegan except for Skelotim, which includes honey. All of them include vitamin e, sugar and coconut, hazelnut or grapeseed oil to nourish your lips naturally while scrubbing the dead skin away gently. Tastes vary between the decadent mix of dark chocolate and black cherry of Bitter for Sweet, ginger, cinnamon and cloves of Sugar & Spice, coffee and hazelnut of Coffee, Sex & Cigarettes, cranberry and orange of Pink Orange Red and lime and ginger of SubLIME Ravings.

If you want to stock up on delicious tastes and receive an exclusive special flavor, choose the Multipack!

Find your moment of indulgence in the darkness, test the flavors and get yourselves Lips Like Sugar: sweet and almost addictive!


Release the bats.

This was a long time coming.

Yet I sit here with a blank page wondering what to say.

So uh… hi. I suppose I should start at the beginning.   bf-consumption-promo-poster

Back in 2011, I got frustrated with the lack of goth appropriate options for makeup in Second Life.  I wanted makeup that I would actually wear in real life– it’s just that what *I* would wear in real life is more like what other people will only wear in a virtual environment.  I didn’t do it alone.  I had help from my partner at the time (a lot of help, honestly.) But after a while that didn’t work out, and Beautiful Freak wound up being a partnership between three friends beginning in 2012.  I still owned it, but we were a team consisting of two designers and a storyteller who wrote our ad copy, (and will manage our Facebook page).  That’s still who we are, though now we have the aid of a site designer (thank goodness, because none of us have the patience for that.)

But in the past few years Second Life changed in ways that made our continuing to work there more and more frustrating.  The time:return ratio got badly skewed to the point where all of us collectively threw our hands up in frustration. I’d been buying a lot of indie cosmetics at the time, and one night as I was flipping through instagram I thought “Wait. Don’t we already own an indie cosmetics brand?” So I got in touch with everyone and it was agreed, that not only did we own one, that we should make the leap into meatspace.

That’s how we got here.

Now as to where we’re going — right now we’re just starting simply. You know, you have to learn to lumber like a zombie before you can fly awkwardly into furniture like a bat (What. This analogy works.)  We’re taking pre-orders on our very first product. We have lip scrubs in wonderful flavors to help keep your vampy pout soft and delicious that we’re calling Lips Like Sugar.  We have five flavors, plus a special, seasonally limited flavor that you can get for *free* when you buy a set of all five.  All five regular flavors are named after songs, since that’s how we (still) roll around these parts. All of them are vegan except for the seasonal flavor (which contains honey, so use your discretion on that one) Though they are scrubs intended to keep your lips exfoliated and kissable, they are all edible, so no worries if your babybats break into your stash. We even have them in two sizes so you can get the amount that’s right for you.  We’ll of course add flavors, and products and get feedback and change things and have successes and failures like everyone else. But we have to start somewhere, and that’s right here, right now.

Because these are pre-orders we expect to be shipping within three weeks. We had hoped to make it before Halloween but it just didn’t work out that way(My fault. Delayed by oral surgery.) So it looks like we’ll ship for (US) Thanksgiving.  But that’s okay.  Everyday is Halloween around here. Believe it.

We’re opening the coffin to all the Beautiful Freaks out there. Come join us, because Normal is Overrated.