Postal Problems


We’d hoped to tell you everything was waiting to be picked up by the USPS right now. But there’s one small problem.The orders are now all wrapped and labeled and ready to go, but the US Postal Service requires that they must be sent in USPS-provided packaging. So once those arrive, the original packages go into those and they can finally be on their way. The difference between ‘choose your own box’ and the Flat Rate Envelope isn’t catastrophic in US-packages, but when sending abroad it rises to surprising figures. So one more bump on the road to Gothmas, but we’re almost there!



Lip Scrub Updates


Rejoice, o ye dark and gloomy (or light and cheerful, we don’t judge!), for the labels have finally arrived and that means that the lip scrubs will be shipped out on Monday, just in time for Gothmas!

Remember that Gothmas is the time of warmth and spices, candles and good food, relaxation in the soothing darkness. Strip the stress away like a bad fashion decision and take time to just be and breathe. Read a good book. Have a chocolate. Or two. Wrap up the year before the new one begins, and remember to pamper yourselves a little from time to time.