The Arrival of the Mint Car

“I really don’t think it gets any better than this
Vanilla smile
And a gorgeous strawberry kiss!”
– The Cure, Mint Car

We have a new flavor for making the dark winter months better! Mint Car is named after its namesake song by The Cure and is a delicious lip scrub of mint, strawberry and vanilla. It creates perfect soft lips with the best tastes of winter, teasing with just a hint of summer in the mix.

It’s available only as the bonus flavor in the multipack. The multipack consists of all five of our regular flavors and the bonus flavor, which is basically for free: six scrubs for the price of five.

The packs are available in two sizes and all the ingredients are vegan.

The bonus flavors are always seasonal, so if you want Mint Car, make sure you order your multipacks before the end of April!

We’re currently waiting for the labels for Mint Car still, so if you happened to order today (January 12th), there’s about three weeks wait time before the delivery. After we have the labels, the delivery gets back to its usual one week.

Order your Multipack with Mint Car here!

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