I’m Melting! (In case of emergency lip scrub melt)

Good news: half of the lip scrubs were sent out last week, the other half will journey out today. That means all of the orders have been handled and shipped!

As they journey across the world, they encounter different temperatures while sitting in postal locations and mail delivery cars, and we’ve heard it’s not uncommon for the scrub to flow into the cap. This is because coconut oil liquefies under heat, and when placed in a cooler environment after that, solidifies anew.

If this happens to you, there is an easy fix! The scrubs are delivered in a ziplock bag, but if you’ve removed it just put it back or in a new one if you threw it away. Close the ziplock bag securely and place it in warm (not boiling) water. In about ten minutes the coconut oil should be liquid again and you can take the tubes and sit them upright. Stick them into the fridge and they’ll solidify back to what they should be.

Happy New Year of enjoying some self-pampering, and may it be better than last year!