Three Vices for Your Lips Like Sugar

Is winter being harsh on your lips? Do you simply not get enough coffee to cover the dark hours? Is the amount of sex and cigarettes less than optimal for your satisfaction? Try all three together to rescue your cold-assaulted lips! Coffee, Sex and Cigarettes is our most heavy duty scrub that will instantly lift your mood like a well-deserved cup of coffee… or doses of other vices. Make sure not to end up simply eating this tub of hazelnut coffee delight!

Order-wise we will be caught up by Friday. Some have already shipped, some will venture out today and some tomorrow. With any new orders we currently have a lead time on tub orders for the temporary lack of labels, which will be soon fixed. All the tube sizes are ready in stock, which translates to tube-sized multipack orders.

January is over, it’s time to focus on that promising light in the horizon, have another cup of coffee and self-care.

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