People liked our lip scrubs so much they wanted balms in the same flavors.  Think of it like fancy goth chapstick.  🙂  You asked, so we’re doing it.  We’re now taking preorders on lip balms in all of our current flavors.  You can get them on our store page. 

We will start cooking them up as soon as we have a few orders banked so we can grab the supplies  we need (shouldn’t take long, really.) We expect to ship within 21-30 days (the holdup is always labels)   However these are BALMS and not scrubs so:

  1.  You can get tubes in ALL flavors, even individual ones.
  2.  The tubs do not come with a teeny spatula, because no one needs a teeny spatula for lip balm
  3.  The balms are not vegan because they contain beeswax, but are still cruelty free and Rupert and Rerun approved.

Unlike our scrubs, these will work fine in tubes, since they are melted completely into a liquid and poured and will not liquify at the temperatures the scrubs do.

Also, all our current scrub orders have been shipped. We’ve got a clean plate, so go get some!


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