Monthly Update – 3/2021

Hey all you cool bats and kittens, time for another BF update! There is a lot to go over, so settle in, get a snack and your favorite drink, and join me for story time!

First things first. Shipping is picking up and the backlog is shrinking. Avril has been hard at work to get things out and the patience, kindness, and support everyone has shown is nothing short of amazing. Thank you all again!

We will be participating in the Obscura Undead event, Love Still Remains. A Tribute to the life and Legacy of Angel of Liberty’s Voc Saint-Clare. We will be bringing Ritual and Tradition out of the coffin for this event, and half of all sales will be going to support Voc’s family. Read more about the event on their Facebook event page!

Beautiful Freak has been accepted to the next round of Darksome Craft Market – Out of the Crypt. Our debut item is still in design stages, but we promise it will be.. Worth getting out of the coffin for. The event is set to start in May. More info will be released as we get it so stay tuned! You can read more about it here!

If you haven’t been staying up to date on our social media posts we have some amazing news! The fine gentlemen of Shriekback have tapped BF to make an exclusive soap as a perk for their current album crowdfunding! Pre-orders are open now with 50% going to the band to help them get yet another amazing album out into the world.

Another update to current stock: We are discontinuing 2 oz colored body butters, as well as the uncolored 2oz sugar and salt body scrubs. The simple answer as to why is that it is a pain in the ass to make colored body butter batches. Especially if it is a one off. It means there is a half batch that we can’t use to fill another order if people are mostly ordering the uncolored options. The same goes for the body sugars/salts. Removing these options will allow for faster processing times and will not hinder quality of products sent.

On a lighter note, did you know that our jars for the above mentioned products, and the lids for those jars, are ordered separately? We recently had a fun (read: frustrating) game of “Where the heck are the jars?!” at BFHQ. Turns out, we had an over abundance of lids (due to finding a previous shipment.. AFTER ordering more lids) but the jars were nowhere to be found!! We did manage to find another supplier and are ready to fill your body butter and Scrub orders once more! You should see those start to ship fairly quickly!

We also will be making our larger sized lip balms Patreon only, as they are more time consuming and it makes more sense for them to be an occasional thing at this time.

As always, be kind to each other, and if you ever have any questions, hit us up! ~Amber

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