Monthly Update 4/2021

Hey there all you cool bats and kittens! Time for another monthly update from BF HQ!

First up, we will be promoting the Love Still Remains event, happening on the 17th of this month.

Obscura Undead will be hosting a Tribute to the Life and Legacy of Angel’s of Liberty’s Voe Saint-Clare. Featuring many DJs from around the world contributing. Donations and proceeds will go to Voe’s family. For this event, we will be pulling Ritual & Tradition out of the coffin for the whole weekend. 50% of sales will go towards Voe’s family as well.

We are also prepping for the next Darksome Event, Out of the Crypt, which is set for May. We have an AMAZING new soap that we will be debuting. It’s for sure going to get a .. rise.. out of you freaks. 😉 Keep an ear out on that as we will be pimping that event regularly with fun updates!

Avril is finally out from under the backlog! This means we are mostly up to date on orders (minus 6 pre-orders of the ShriekBack soaps) and are currently working on restocking things that have been out of stock for a while due to the holiday rush. We are also getting a jump on this years gothmas craze! You’ll see what we mean in the coming months.

That all being said, we are running low on stock and some things, like our bath bombs, will be on back order until supplies arrive. So if you’re ordering now, please be aware that the bath bomb orders may be just a little delayed from the norm. Bath bombs take at minimum 24 hours to dry fully before they can be packaged for shipping. That’s a thing you now know!

Last, but certainly not least, we are starting to look into live, in person events this year, and would love some input from our community! What draws you to a vendor booth when you are at a live shopping event or Con? We are toying with the idea of changing up how we do our booths, and would love your input!

That’s all for this month kittens! Keep an eye on our socials for more little surprises and promotions! ~Amber

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