State of the Bat Cave May/June

Hey all you saucy summer zombaes! Little update for everyone about the State of the Work Room, Things going back to the Coffin, and what’s coming out! So put that SPF 1000 on, get your Ray Bans, and settle in for the news!

If you’re here from our Insta/FB/Twitter, welcome! Here is the meat of what we have going on!

First, Shipping and ‘State of the Workroom’ updates!

Thank you, first off, for everyone who’s had the patience of a saint after our last Darksome event. Life outside of the bat cave has thrown Avril several curve balls that she is currently dealing with, which has kept her, unfortunately, away from her work space to both make things that are out of stock, as well as pack orders. Things should start moving soon though! One of the outside distractions has been her having to (as some of you may know) aid her father with his recent hospital visit. He’s fine (for now) but for sure some things that need addressed. No surgery on the table, but could be in the future. Again, she is doing her damnedest to get orders filled and out the door, however she is one woman (as much as I would love to assist, I am in the other corner of the country) and is being pulled in several directions at the moment. We should see some orders start shipping by Tuesday (as Monday is a holiday).

Coffin updates! Tomorrow (May 31st) Is your LAST CHANCE (for the year) to get your paws and claws on Mint Car and After the rain. They will be going back into the Coffin for the year, and won’t make their glorious return until next May.
Coming out of the Coffin on June 1st is Sweet is Evil and Water through Sand (pictured)!

Water through Sand is an absolutely amazing blend of Moonlit Beach, Red Hibiscus and Acai Berry. Each bar is, as always, individually poured and unique to itself. Each full size bar replicates the view of standing on the shoreline as the waves come in, and as you use it, the sand shrinks, as the tide rolls in. If you think that is impressive, the Mini’s are even more so! Each is hand painted, and the flowers can range from more red to more purple, depending on our artists mood.

Sweet is Evil is a fun bar featuring the cutest skull around! The scent profile is Sweet Iced Tea with Lemon and is embedded black tea leaves. Perfect for those hot summer nights where nothing but a cool shower and luxurious suds will do the trick!

We also have our PRIDE editions of Chemistry and Sirens & Satellites out now! 20% of all sales of those bars go to the It Gets Better Project, and we (as always) will let you know what we raised this year at the end of June.
Now, I bet you’re thinking “But wait! What if I love these LE scents, and want them ALL YEAR ROUND?! WHAT EVER SHALL I DO!” Have no fear, baby bats! You can join the Patreon and have coffin access *all the time* Doesn’t get much more ‘cool kids club’ than that!

If you made it this far, You’re awesome. Be gay, do crimes, and love each other! <3 ~Amber

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