State of the Batcave – September

Welcome back to the madhouse, all you cool bats and kittens! We have a lot to go over so lets get into it!

Three scents have gone back into the coffin until next summer. Sweet is Evil and Water through Sand will be back in June, and Ritual and Tradition will be back next August. Did you miss out on this round? Can’t wait a full year to get your paws and mittens on it again? Join the Patreon!

While some go back to sleep, we have three more crawling out of the crypt to see the light of day.

An Old Wisdom has graced us with the warm scent of apple and sage, with suspended sage leaves. The mini bars are large, elegant squares with hand painted art nouveau details. The full size bar features an embed based on a hand sculpted piece that depicts a serpent and an apple tree. The colors are various shades of green, wine, and copper.

Intoxicata is right behind, made with activated charcoal for those with oily skin, and to get you ready for the dark time of the year. Welcome cooler weather and changing leaves by slipping into an intoxicating mix of rich coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange. You’ll be ready for a crackling fire in no time (and for our antipodean friends, it may be spring, but everyone loves a nice mocha.) Perfect for before or after, you weave your magic. The soaps are a blackened bronze color, with a deep, autumn gold metallic sparkle. They’re quite dramatic looking in person, and the scent and look are both unisex (great for men!) and darkly chic.

And as our country brings the age old case before the Supreme Court.. AGAIN… Butyric Acid comes out to stand with us. We are heavily pro-choice here at BFC. We don’t have to tell you why this is coming back out. But if you don’t know. Go see what Texas just did. We aren’t about it. 20% of all profits from this scent go to NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation.

As always, we love each and every single one of our customers, and are ever thankful and appreciative of your continued support. The queue is small, but that just means more room for new orders!

Keep an eye on our socials, we will have some important updates, new product announcements, and plans for IN PERSON events soon! Until next month freakywinkles! Same batcave, same bat channel. 🦇🦇

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