State of the Batcave – November 2021


We have closed the coffin on another year here at BF. 5 years as of Halloween, and it’s been quite the ride. We want to take a moment to thank you all for supporting us. We wouldn’t be here if not for our customers. Thank you for coming along on this ride, through the ups and downs, the crazy wacky RL that has pushed us back, and the amazing events that rocket us forward.

Speaking of forward. We are currently prepping for Unconvention! We will be there for the whole weekend, and would love to see your faces in person. It’s a great opportunity to meet the BF crew, and get your favorite scents in person! We also will be taking online orders at the event for customers who want a scent that we (due to limited space) were unable to bring with us! We hope to see you all there!

The first marks another round of products both going into, and coming out of the Coffin! Say goodnight to An Old Wisdom, Of Lillie’s and Remains, Intoxicata, Skelotim, The Devils in the Chemicals Glow in the dark guest soaps, All Hallows Eve, and Butyric Acid. The only way to get these scents is to be a part of our Patreon!

We have sent off our donations to NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation ($24) and Batworld Sanctuary ($30). Thank you all for your orders of these scents, so we can put money back into our community for amazing causes!

Coming out for the winter is Frost, Lost Thoughts, Silver & Cold, and The Sweetest Chill. To Leave This Heaven will also still be available with the rest until the end of the year.
You may be wondering, where is Call to Glory and Driven Like the Snow? Well I’ll tell you!

Both of these scents use a very (now) rare scent oil that we are running low on. We will have these scents at Unconvention, however we cannot at this time (this very well could change) offer them up to online sales without securing a source for the scents we need. This is the rub of the industry sometimes. Scents are often discontinued or only offered in HUGE (25lb drums) sizes that are unreasonable for a small business. We will make a post once we’re done with the con on how and where to get these two scents.

Orders are picking back up, as we are finally getting out from under the delay that was BathroomGate for Avril. We are always appreciative of everyone’s patience when it comes to their orders. She is a one woman army and working as fast as she can.

Until next time! Same bat time, same bat channel!

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