State of the Batcave – March 2022

Happy march everyone!

So we have a bunch of stuff going back into the coffin as of yesterday. Frost, I Love You To Death, Lost Thoughts, Love Like Blood, Of Lillies and Remains, and The Sweetest Chill are all laid to rest. Only way to get your paws and claws on them now, is to join the Patreon!

Speaking of Patreon, we have some new subscriber rewards for our $10 and $30 tier subscribers! Go check it out and sign up!

While those go to bed, we have two scents rising up for your purchasing pleasure. After the rain and Mint Car. Go order to your dark little hearts content!

Our next in person event will be Dark Side of the Con 4, April 1st through 3rd in New Jersey. If you’re going to be there, come say hello and get your favorite scents without having to worry about shipping! This will be our last Dark Side, so come see us and get things while you can.

You may notice that we have started to up our photo game. You’ll also start to see new product images on our sales pages. Don’t worry! It’s all the same product, but we are pushing to put a little more polish on things around the cave. Stay tuned for some amazing shots!

It’s a short update today, but we are going to be doing amazing things.

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