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Beautiful Freak Cosmetics - About Us

Beautiful Freak began as a virtual cosmetics brand in Second Life in 2011. The idea at the time was to  create gothy cosmetics, made by members of the RL goth community to fill a gap in the market.

In 2016, we became a cosmetics brand in real life. The idea is still the same. By goths, for everyone, and all our products are named after songs.  Most of what we make is vegan (excluding things that contain honey, but we’ll let you know.)  and cruelty free and we make as much of it as we can by hand ourselves. We’re starting a new adventure, so release the bats — we’re on our way.

We hope you hop on board the dark train. We may not do sunlight, but we do know how to have a good time and look good doing it. Fly your freak flag high, come out of your coffins, and stay beautiful with us. Normal is overrated.

-AK, on behalf of the Beautiful Freak team.