We Are Available At WeJo

Gothevening, Jillian here! The queue is still high due to stocking for cons, at 20. If you’re in the Honesdale, PA area, Wendy at WeJo carries our soap, body butter, and lip balms/scrubs. She also has neat projects if you are an extrovert stuck inside and slowly going mad like I am. She is doing curbside pickup and delivery to locals. Please go to http://www.WeJoArts.US or call her at 570-616-0440 if you’d like info. Thanks! 💜


BF Samples In Your Kitchen

Hey quick pro tip, gothlets, before I go back to work.

If youre one of those who has as zillion BF samples, put one in your kitchen. Resist the urge to use dish soap on your hands for quick washings.

Dish soap is designed to do the opposite of human soap. It’s got a super high detergent ratio to strip all oil off your dishes. With repeated use as a hand soap it will dry your hands out really badly.

So put a small sample soap by your kitchen sink and use that instead. It will spare your hands quite a bit of drying.

ok. I go work now.


TToMUA Bath Bombs

Gothevening, y’all, Jillian here!

Avril is working busily painting the many, many embeds for Sirens & Satellites and then pouring them.

We are really sad that, due to Cold Waves conflicting, The Gothsicles will be unable to make the rescheduled Dark Side of the Con 4 dates. However, we are glad that everyone is enjoying TToMUA! We wanted to share a few of the recent bath bombs Avril made. I really like the swirl technique she recently discovered!

Thanks! And have a great night! 🖤