You’re awesome, so we listen to you.

Thank goodness for honest feedback.

Normally, the lovely Sonya writes our copy, but this is more of an admin type thing so here I am.  Hi.

As people started to get their scrubs in the mail I chased after folks asking what they thought. Here’s the info we got- people LOVE the scrubs. They love the flavors, they love how they work, and they love how they smell.  What they didn’t love so much was the tubes. They’re hard to open, sometimes the scrub flows into the cap when it gets warm, and they’re a pain in the ass to use. Now,  on my end, I *never* liked the tubes for this product because they’re hard to fill, and since coconut oil liquifies under heat, they can flow into the cap if kept in a hot place until you set them upright in the fridge, which seems to defeat the purpose of having a tube to begin with(they’re portable.).  When you have a lip BALM( more on that in a second- hold that thought.) you can melt it completely and are sure each tube is full. It’s a liquid, which will harden to a solid and stay that way due to the wax content of the product.  But we can’t do that with our scrubs. Melting them completely would melt the sugar, and that sort of would leave them… well, not scrubby.  That means I have to fill them with a pastry bag to make sure they’re all full and it can be a little time consuming. At least, more so than pouring them would be.

But, people also liked the price point of the tubes-  at $3 each they’re not much of an investment if you just want to try all the flavors out and see what you like.  So here at the Freakshow we had a meeting (well, Kasi and I had a meeting and Rupert supervised)  and made some changes in response to your feedback.

First, we’ve now limited the tubes to JUST the multipack.  This allows people to get small sizes of all our current flavors and have a variety to choose from. See what works for you best, and what you like most. However, we’ve removed the tube option from our single flavors, and added a 1/2 oz. tub size to go with our 1 oz tub size.

Second,, because we were asked, we’re going to also include a teeny spatula with the tubs. Because people like teeny spatulas. We like them too, so it’s all good.

Third, we are offering tub sizes of our Limited Edition flavors as a single, in case you only want the LE.  They’re still limited, but now you can buy them by themselves if you like.

Fourth, we’re going to be working on offering lip balms in addition to our scrubs, in the same flavor profiles. This will allow us to create a product that works well in the tubes organically, rather than having to go through a lot of effort to get it there. This will likely happen before we get to our eye shadow project, say in the next month.

We really appreciate all the incredible support we’ve gotten from everyone so far, and especially all the help we’ve gotten altering what we have and our packaging to make everyone’s lives a little better, and of course, more freaky.  Thanks, folks <3