New flavor/supply update

We’re waiting on a single sheet of labels (in transit) and new mailers from the post office (also in transit).  However, anyone who ordered *tubes*, we’re going to be filling those up right away, and getting them out as soon as the mailers arrive.  I still hate these labels, but at least theyre oriented correctly. Now to work on making them legible.  :/


Playing Favourites (What’s yours?)

We keep hearing about how delicious Lips Like Sugar are, and it seems everyone has their favourite! Some prefer the freshness of SubLIME Ravings, some are all about Coffee, Sex & Cigarettes — a needed pick-me-up in the winter! Chocolate always has its stout supporters, and Bitter for Sweet definitely delivers in that rich addictive flavor. Perhaps you’re a fan of cranberries and blood orange? Pink Orange Red tastes like dearly  needed energy during the dark months. Perhaps it’s the classic comfort of sweetness that you want on your lips? Sugar & Spice is for you!

What is your favourite flavor?


The Arrival of the Mint Car

“I really don’t think it gets any better than this
Vanilla smile
And a gorgeous strawberry kiss!”
– The Cure, Mint Car

We have a new flavor for making the dark winter months better! Mint Car is named after its namesake song by The Cure and is a delicious lip scrub of mint, strawberry and vanilla. It creates perfect soft lips with the best tastes of winter, teasing with just a hint of summer in the mix.

It’s available only as the bonus flavor in the multipack. The multipack consists of all five of our regular flavors and the bonus flavor, which is basically for free: six scrubs for the price of five.

The packs are available in two sizes and all the ingredients are vegan.

The bonus flavors are always seasonal, so if you want Mint Car, make sure you order your multipacks before the end of April!

We’re currently waiting for the labels for Mint Car still, so if you happened to order today (January 12th), there’s about three weeks wait time before the delivery. After we have the labels, the delivery gets back to its usual one week.

Order your Multipack with Mint Car here!


I’m Melting! (In case of emergency lip scrub melt)

Good news: half of the lip scrubs were sent out last week, the other half will journey out today. That means all of the orders have been handled and shipped!

As they journey across the world, they encounter different temperatures while sitting in postal locations and mail delivery cars, and we’ve heard it’s not uncommon for the scrub to flow into the cap. This is because coconut oil liquefies under heat, and when placed in a cooler environment after that, solidifies anew.

If this happens to you, there is an easy fix! The scrubs are delivered in a ziplock bag, but if you’ve removed it just put it back or in a new one if you threw it away. Close the ziplock bag securely and place it in warm (not boiling) water. In about ten minutes the coconut oil should be liquid again and you can take the tubes and sit them upright. Stick them into the fridge and they’ll solidify back to what they should be.

Happy New Year of enjoying some self-pampering, and may it be better than last year!


Postal Problems


We’d hoped to tell you everything was waiting to be picked up by the USPS right now. But there’s one small problem.The orders are now all wrapped and labeled and ready to go, but the US Postal Service requires that they must be sent in USPS-provided packaging. So once those arrive, the original packages go into those and they can finally be on their way. The difference between ‘choose your own box’ and the Flat Rate Envelope isn’t catastrophic in US-packages, but when sending abroad it rises to surprising figures. So one more bump on the road to Gothmas, but we’re almost there!